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07 May 2009

Oracle Forms connection to MSACCESS

 In This Post we would Look into how to Connect Oracle Forms to MSACESS and combining the feature of Oracle forms and MSACCESS.

1. Create a MDB file with a username and password
     I think everyone knbows to open access and create an MDB file.

2. Run the following scripts
     \Forms_home\OCA60\SQL\ACCESS  --> *ACCDMBLD.SQL* (Used to create EMP and DEPT table)
       \Forms_home\OCA60\SQL                    --> *DEMODATA.SQL* (Insert demo data into the tables)

3. Create a ODBC data source in the data sources management tab in windows
    1. Open the Data source managment tab
        Control Panel --> Administrative tools ---> Data Sources (ODBC) 
    2.  Click the Add button,*Create new datasource* screen opens

    3. Select Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb) and click Finish.
    4. ODBC Microsoft access screen opens, give a name for the data source
        and click the OK button
    5.  Click  the selet button and select the corresponding MDB file
         and click the OK button


    6. The datasource would have been created and check the initial screen
4. Open the Forms Builder and Connect to MSACCESS     
    In connect field type  username/password@ODBC:DATA_SOURCE_NAME

5. Create a Database Block using the database lock wizard and set the primary property of the EMPNO    column to       'Yes' before running the form.You would be able to do all the insert, update, Delete , Query     Operation from         that form.



  1. I Love You Yaaar... muuuuuaaaah
    Great Job

  2. plz give me your personal email address
    mine is

  3. Hi Muhammad,


    If Iam sure you are trying to connect Oracle forms 6i ?

    Can I have more details on the Oracle forms version you are using, how you tried to connect to the MDB ??

  4. I make database file msaccess 2007 .accdb

    and i get error ora-03121

    any help?

    1. I make database file msaccess 2007 .accdb

      and i get error ora-03121

      any help?

    2. I have tried with MS ACCESS 2003 database, there was no issues, it was working seamlessly.
      But I'm not sure about MS ACCESS 2007.

      Try creating the db in MS ACCESS 2003 and give a try.

  5. I never did it myself, your tips look to be very helpful. Thanks for the tips.

  6. I need to run Oracle Forms on MAC OS X but cannot find the Forms for MAC. Can you help me please???

    1. I have not tried the same on MAC....proably my suggestion would be if you have a nice copy of windows , install the same within virtualbox or vmware in MAC and give a try.

      It is just a suggestion and a solution.....

  7. Hi there! What do you mean by saying the connect field in Forms builder? You're saying I should just put user/pwd@ODBC:DSN on the database field? Thanks in advance!

    1. username - user
      password - pwd
      database - ODBC:DSN

      i have given the format as user/pwd@ODBC:DSN which can be used in the sqlplus.

  8. It's possible without oracle database installation....
    I tried for same but not get it.....